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JOIN OUR ONLINE CPD ACCREDITED PITCH & PRESENTATION MASTERCLASS Give your team an opportunity to gain Continued Professional Development (CPD) points whilst also learning the formula for presentation and pitch success. In this online masterclass, you are guided through every aspect of the presenting and pitching process. From overcoming nerves to crafting a compelling story, how to convince others and speak with confidence. This online course doesn't miss out any aspect of presenting or pitching (including writing proposals and responding to tenders or bids). That means, by the end of this online course, you will know shortcuts, best-practice and strategies to present with confidence, and pitch to win, every time. The CPD Accredited online course is easy-to-follow training modules with practical activities making the session fun, engaging and memorable. You can complete the course at your own pace and will gain insights from global businesses, agencies, start-ups on how to win at every stage of the presentation, proposal or pitch process. In fact, winning has never been so easy!
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Join our CPD Accredited Pitch & Presentation Masterclass


Presentations and pitching can mean different things to us all: From presenting an idea to giving an elevator pitch. Writing a proposal to win a new client through to pitching yourself for a promotion or in a job interview. Whatever your perception of what a presentation or pitch is, this online course can help you or your team be their best.

This Continued Professional Development (CPD) Accredited online course you will learn how to master every aspect of any pitch or presentation.

In addition, this complete pitch and presentation masterclass will inspire and motivate you with real-world stories of success on stage through to the board room.

You will learn the techniques needed to feel confident presenting to any size audience, and how to comfortably sell without selling.

The CPD Accredited online training also includes practical tips for overcoming presentation nerves, how to craft a compelling story plus techniques for making a persuasive argument.

Team's will learn best practice methods and tips for all of the critical stages of the pitch process whilst also boosting their own confidence when presenting.

The CPD Accredited masterclass covers how to decipher a brief, what goes into writing a winning proposal, how to deliver a perfect pitch and present with confidence through to the all-important follow-up questions.


The Win That Pitch CPD Accredited presentation and pitch course is not just for sales teams. That's because it covers tips for presenting ideas, how to convince colleagues or senior management as well as prospects through to techniques for building strong team chemistry.

The lessons from this CPD Accredited presentation and pitch workshop will help you achieve success in your career or in growing your start-up or business.

The course is designed for experts and beginners alike. These roles will specifically benefit from this course:

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs: To learn how to pitch your offer effectively and grow your business
  • Graduates and junior team members: To learn how to present ideas to colleagues and management and identify what goes into a successful pitch and presentation
  • Management and mid-level employees: To learn how to perform with gravitas and successfully win new clients
  • Sales executives and teams: To learn best practice skills for understanding prospects needs and to gain new clients in any situation
  • Senior management/director level: To identify best practice for effectively managing sales and pitch teams, and tips for communicating with gravitas
  • Chief Executives and Managing Directors: To guide staff towards improving sales outcomes and deliver business growth.


By the end of the presentation and pitch online masterclass you will be able to:

  • Know what to prepare ahead of any presentation, proposal or pitch
  • Present with gravitas - whatever the situation
  • Successfully decipher a brief or customer request to understand what they 'really' want
  • Develop more effective ways of communicating face-to-face
  • Present with increased confidence as an individual or team
  • Utilise storytelling to create a convincing argument
  • Sell without feeling like you are selling
  • Pitch anything with confidence and gravitas
  • Successfully manage a pitch team
  • Identify when to say no to an opportunity
  • Present as a team with strong chemistry

Remember! You will also receive CPD points along with an official certificate for completing this course.


Key topics covered by this fully accredited CPD workshop include:

  • Deciphering the brief
  • Questions to ask before any pitch or presentation
  • Identifying red flags
  • Writing a winning proposal
  • Crafting a compelling story
  • Developing your budget
  • Improving your sales strategy
  • Getting to pitch perfect
  • How to overcome presentation nerves
  • Producing a persuasive call-to-action
  • Presenting with gravitas in every situation
  • Pitch presentation skills
  • Follow-up questions you must ask

Your team will learn practical tips and techniques for making a compelling argument and successfully convince others through storytelling and powerful calls-to-action.

Most importantly, you will attain confidence presenting and clarity on how to write proposals and pitch effectively for yourself and your business.


This CPD Accredited pitch and presentation training includes over 7 hours of video training content along with quizzes, check-ins and additional optional activities.

The course is completely online and can be accessed via a web browser. Additionally, the course is designed to be taken at your own pace and on average, the course takes 8-10 hours.

Bonus material

In addition to over 7 hours of bite-size video tutorials, quizzes and optional offline activities, you will also receive...

  • Digital Download of How To Win: The Ultimate Professional Pitch Guide

    Receive a complete digital copy of How To Win for reference during the course and beyond.

  • Free ebooks and downloads

    Download additional resources including additional free ebooks and materials covering everything from how to overcome presentation nerves to overcoming common pitch and presentation mistakes.

  • Membership to Win That Pitch

    As part of the course you will also gain FREE access to Win That Pitch membership with lots of additional resources, free webinars and discounts for events and additional training materials.

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